Order / Payment

Q. How do I place an order?

A. If you are ordering off-the-shelf product, please use NTKJ’s online quotation request form.  For customize product inquiry, please our Contact page to speak with one of our sales engineers.  You can also find information on our “How to order” page.

Q.  How can I pay for my orders?

A. We welcome payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

Q. I would like to get a free-of-charge sample of your products.

A. Unfortunately NTKJ cannot provide free-of-charge samples of our products. We have prepared various off-the-shelf lenses for you to test and evaluate. If you would like to try our products, please purchase one of off-the-shelf lenses, which can be purchased from just one unit.

Q. Do you have an agent in my country?

A. NTKJ operates international sales from Tokyo, Japan. All international orders can be placed at our Tokyo headquarters.

Q. Is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

A. For our standard products, orders can be placed from one unit. For customized product, MOQ varies depending on the specification.

Q. Is deferred payment possible?

A. Basically, we request advance payment. However, if you cannot make advance payment, please consult one of our sales engineers for payment details.

Q. What is the currency available for payment?

A. USD is the first option. EUR and JPY can also be available upon request (NTKJ’s internal exchange rates apply to EUR).