June 21, 2021

Join NTKJ at OPIE’21 in Yokohama

NTKJ Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce our attendance for OPIE’21 in Yokohama from 30th June – 2nd July, 2021.


Highlights of NTKJ at the Exhibition – Ultra precise optics & components with micro structure 
NTKJ’s world’s first Freeform TL 1000 of AMETEK/Precitech, an ultra precision machining system.  NTKJ now has wide variety of precision optics manufacturing capability from large scale to small with pico-order precision. 


With the machine which has diamond turning and micro milling capability and with NTKJ’s technique utilising the system with 40-year experience in optics manufacturing, NTKJ’s customers will benefit to source precise optics and components from NTKJ for various applications such as not only in opto-electronics but also medical, defense, sensing and so many other fields. 


When and Where are the exhibition? 
OPIE’21 exhibition will be held from 30th June – 2nd July at Pacifico Yokohama in Japan. 


Come and visit us in Yokohama?  – OPIE’21
NTKJ’s president and sales engineers will be at “ITABASHI BOOTH” at K-2, throughout the exhibition period.   It is a “real-world” exhibition taking extra care for preventing COVID-19.  Please follow instructions when you are trying to join the exhibition.


For more information regarding the exhibition, including the registration process, 
please visit OPIE’s website at



If you would like to have an in-depth technical discussion, please let us know in advance to arrange the time slot by sending a message from the contact form.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at OPIE’21!!

April 26, 2021

Holiday Notice

Our office and factory will be closed from April 29th (Thursday) to May 5th (Wed) 2021, due to Japanese national holidays.  All replies received during this period will be dealt after the holiday.

March 29, 2021

President Sato’s “Leader’s interview” in Japanese Optical industry magazine📖

We are pleased to inform you that an interview article with our president, Sato, will be published in a monthly magazine, “Monthly Optronics” of March issue in Japanese.


In article “Leader’s interview” :


“Contributing to the development of optical components by brushing up precision processing technology for molds, molding, and upsizing” by Koichi Sato from NTKJ Co., Ltd.

February 19, 2021

Join us at Photonics West 2021, from March 6th-11th at Digital Forum online!

NTKJ Co., Ltd. are pleased to announce that NTKJ’s president and a sales engineer will be attending Photonics West 2021 Digital Forum on line.


At the exhibition, you will be able to receive information regarding NTKJ’s;
# UV-SWIR lenses
# Diffractive Optics
# Elliptical Fresnel lens to make freeform optics thinner
# Germanium Fresnel lens for IR application
# Fresnel lens
# Lenticular lens
# Lens arrays
# Made-to-order plastic lenses
# Any enquiries regarding our lens manufacturing services are welcome



January 28, 2021

Seminar Information ‍🏫

Thursday, February 18, 2021 16: 00-17: 00
Our president, Sato, will be a lecturer at the Whats Seminar of Yano Research Institute Ltd.

[Transition of optical products from the perspective of Fresnel lens manufacturers and applications with Corona]


If you are interested, please join us 🤓 (Speaking in Japanese only)
↓ ↓ Click here to apply ↓ ↓

December 17, 2020

Our president Koichi Sato’s co-authored publication related to aerial display will be on sale (written in Japanese)

[For touchless / non-contact operation / inspection Design points and latest trends]


★ with non-contact technology that is expected to spread in the corona era. Each expert who leads the research and development will explain a wide range of topics such as touchless operation and non-contact sensing key technology, design and development of related parts, and development of killer applications! —-Preface (partial excerpt)


Currently, it is required to adapt to the new normal brought about by the new coronavirus in various aspects. In the biotechnology field, research and development on measures such as testing, treatment, and vaccination against COVID-19 are proceeding at a rapid pace, but what can be done in the non-biotechnology field? ——- [Applications are being accepted for early discount] ↓ Please read if you are interested