Packing / Delivery

Q. How long does it take for orders of standard products to be delivered?

A. Products that are in stock will be dispatched in about a week. Products that are out of stock will be dispatched in about 2-4 weeks.

Q. How long does it take to make a custom mold?

A. It takes between 4 to 10 weeks approximately for a custom mold to be created. The length varies depending on the specification of the custom mold.

Q. Which Incoterms apply?


Q. How is a forms of packaging?

A. Products are packed in a PE form, carton or bag depending on size and quantity. If you have a special requirements, please consult us.

Q. Products of our order were arrived, but products were damaged.

A. Please describe the details of the damage from Contact page.
Our products were through inspection. If products were damaged during shipping and incoterms was EXW, please contact shipping company.