About our made-to-order custom plastic lens products

NTKJ Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells custom-made plastic lens products. Our machining systems are ready to produce plastic optical products of practically any size, including Fresnel, lenticular, linear Fresnel, fly’s-eye and aspheric lenses and flat prisms. Our manufacturing expertise and equipment can accommodate a broad range of customer needs, from prototype development to mass production.

Our uniquely designed lens machining equipment can craft lenses to microscopic tolerances, satisfying diverse requests and stringent specifications. We also manufacture customized machining equipment for mass production.

We firmly believe that our distinctive capacity to produce a wide range of high-quality plastic lenses in various sizes in a timely manner will contribute to further research and development, and to the successful commercialization of your products.

PMMA is used for making lenses mainly. Polycarbonate can also be used. Please contact us for more detail.

Contact us to discuss the possibility of your ideal custom product.

Examples of our made-to-order products

  • Large Fresnel lenses
  • Small Fresnel Lenses
  • Large Linear Fresnel Lenses
  • Small Linear Fresnel Lenses
  • Aspheric Lenses
  • Fly’s-eye lenses / Lens array
  • Light Guiding Plates
  • Prism sheets
  • Projection Screens
  • Other MTO Products