Please find our additional Fresnel lenses and Linear prisms on our product list news

Please find our product news up-dated on 1 Mar 2012.

Nihon Tokushu Kogaku Jushi Co., Ltd. (NTKJ) is delighted to announce that “CF600-0.3”, “CF700-0.3”, “CF-20”, “CF-50”, “LPV45-0.1”, “LPV60-0.1”, “LPV65-0.1”, “LPV70-0.2” and “LPV75-0.2” have been added to our product line up. 
Some Linear Prisms’ product codes have been modified in order to represent prism shapes. Products described by its “Peak angle” prefixed “LPV”. Products described by its “inclimation from the lens holizontal surface prefixed “LP”. Please refer to the product pages for more details.