Additional Fresnel lenses and Lenticular lens on our product list

Prices of large fresnel lenses “CF250″,”CF500″,”CF600-0.3″,”CF600-0.5″,”CF700-0.3″,”CF700-0.5″,”CF800″,”CF1200-M” and large linear fresnel lenses “LF500-B”,”LF1000-BH” have been modified in accordance with the line up addition. Please contact us for details.

Nihon Tokushu Kogaku Jushi Co., Ltd. (NTKJ) is delighted to announce that Fresnel lenses “CF600-0.3M”,”CF600-0.3M/3T”,”CF600-0.3/3T”,”CF600-0.5M”,”CF600-0.5M/3T”,”CF600-0.5/3T”,”CF800-M”,”CF800-M/3T”,”CF800/3T” and a lenticular lens “LL0.7-0.5L” have been added to our product line up.